Service Offerings

Ongoing Comprehensive Wealth Management

Protect. Manage. Grow.

Protect. Manage. Grow.

The majority of our clients look to us to provide ongoing portfolio management and continual financial advice. We believe the best advice comes when your Wealth Manager has a deep and thorough understanding of your financial situation and continually partners with you through all stages of life; ready to strategize, proactively advise and help execute on sound recommendations. With our ongoing, comprehensive wealth management service – we remove what feels like work to you and make sure all the pieces get done. The comprehensive wealth management service entails:

Investment management

We manage your investment portfolio for you, creating a portfolio strategy that aligns with your goals and preferences. Under your direction, we select the investments, implement, and continually monitor the portfolio’s success on your behalf. We proactively update the portfolio in response to market conditions and changes.


Financial planning

We help you define the financial goals that are most meaningful to you. We then analyze your current situation, and recommend sound strategies to help you protect, manage and grow your money. We typically cover all areas of financial planning when we first start working with a client, and then address individual areas during our ongoing work together as needs and goals change. We carry the work all the way through for you, ensuring completion of all recommendations. We also attend meetings as requested with you and your outside professionals such as CPAs and attorneys.

We call this combination of investment management + financial planning = Wealth Management.

Annual Fees for Wealth Management

For clients with portfolio sizes of $1 million* or more, we bill our annual fee pro-rata monthly, in arrears, based on the portfolio size we are managing for you:

First $1M at 1%
Next $4M at 0.75%
Next $5M at 0.50%
Over $10M at 0.35%

*Exception: children of current clients $500,000 minimum

Example: If we manage a $2 million portfolio for you, the first $1 million would be charged $10,000 per year or $833 per month, and the next $1 million would be charged $7,500 per year or $625 per month. The total monthly fee would be $1,458 per month, or $17,496 per year – a blended rate of 0.87%. The more we manage for clients, the lower the blended fee.

We have a minimum fee of $625 per month, or $7,500 per year. For more information, click here

One-Time Financial Planning

Occasionally, we are hired for one-time financial planning advice without investment management services by clients who either prefer to manage their own investments or who have not yet accumulated $1 million to hire us for ongoing investment management services.

Our A la Carte Service

  • Simple plans: $5,000
    • Generally for those who have simpler situations such as renting or owning 1 home, who have steady incomes, and whose investment portfolios are $1 million or less.
  • Complex plans: $10,000
    • Generally for those whose situations are slightly more complex such as owning more than 1 home, a business, or whose investment portfolios are greater than $1 million.

One-time financial planning projects are completed within 6 months. We cover the areas of financial planning of interest to you. Unlike our Wealth Management service, we do not provide ongoing monitoring of the investments, and the execution of the recommendations are completed solely by you. Our one-time financial planning agreement does not include our attending meetings with outside professionals such as accountants, attorneys or insurance agents although we can be hired by the hour to do so.

Please refer to your Financial Planning Agreement, Investment Management Agreement and/or Dynamic Wealth Advisors’ ADV Part 2A Firm Brochure (which can be found on the Securities and Exchange Commission website by searching under CRD #15136) for additional details regarding fees.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | 952-449-1922