Not a Solitary Owl

<em>Small Firm Feel, <br/>Big Firm Resources</em>

Small Firm Feel,
Big Firm Resources

Anne founded Wisdom Wealth Management with a desire to provide the personal touch of a smaller firm while drawing on big firm resources. Her vision: to provide clients with highly personalized experiences typical of a smaller firm while leveraging advanced tools and solutions of a big firm.

Having held executive positions at prior firms and managing employees for more than 20 years, Anne knows how easy it is to get pulled in many directions, especially around employee management and business operations. Here, many of the business operations are delegated to the outside professionals of Dynamic Wealth Advisors so Anne can dedicate her time to clients. Dynamic's team of professionals works behind the scenes while Anne delivers the services that mean the most to you.

Dynamic Wealth Advisors

Through a partnership with Dynamic Wealth Advisors, Wisdom Wealth Management draws upon comprehensive professional services and unparalleled practice support from a dedicated team at the ready to handle client service needs so we can focus on delivering exceptional client experiences.

Our firm’s affiliation with Dynamic is part of something bigger: Wisdom Wealth Management is part of a growing network of over 80 wealth advisory practices across the U.S., managing approximately $4 billion of assets (as of August 2023). Clients of Wisdom Wealth Management benefit from Dynamic’s extensive experience and resources, including longstanding relationships with industry-leading custodians and an investment committee with combined experience of over 150+ years. Along with timely market insights, analysis and qualified investment research, Dynamic provides access to highly skilled professionals, industry-leading resources and best-in-class technology so Anne can help clients make sound financial decisions at any life stage.

For more on Dynamic, we invite you to visit Elevate your wealth potential.

Network of Professionals

Anne has built a network of professionals who are experts in their fields. As clients need specialized services such as estate attorneys and professionals in tax planning, insurance and counseling, Anne provides recommendations. And because she has the knowhow to “speak their language”, Anne frequently attends meetings with clients, talking with the professionals on their behalf as well as coordinating the details to various implementation pieces. She also works with clients' existing professional advisors. 

A Small Giant

Inspired by the book, "Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big," Anne knew this was the type of firm she wanted to build – one that at times will pass up deliberate growth to stay true to the ideals of delivering highly personalized, high quality advice and service to help clients reach their goals. Anne values relationships, attention to detail, quality and exceptional service. She will take on a limited number of clients so that each can experience a quality relationship with the firm.